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Preschool Programs


We offer a program for infants starting at six weeks of age. We divide the infant rooms, so non-mobile and mobile infants may safely interact with other children of similar development. Based on the Addison-Wesley Active Learning Series program, the infant curriculum focuses on interactions between the child and caregiver. As their development permits, caregivers offer infants various developmentally appropriate activities.

The infant classrooms are colorful, cheerful rooms that contain safe, inviting toys. A specific crib is assigned to each child,

offering familiarity to the babies.

Infants have access to a sheltered play area outside, as weather permits. To keep our carpeted infant classrooms clean, we maintain a shoe-less environment that requires all adults to remove their shoes before entering. We prepare all baby food in a sanitized kitchenette area, located in the classroom.​

Sheyes of Miami Learning Center knows that children between 12 and 24 months of age differ greatly in their development. Therefore, we separate these children into two classes, the Waddlers and Toddlers, so children of similar development can interact and learn together. Teachers use the Addison-Wesley Active Learning Series program for this age group for optimal learning and growth.

In our Waddler classrooms children transition from Infant to Toddler by using mats instead of cribs during nap and small tables and chairs instead of high chairs at meals. Our children acquire skills needed for social interaction. Expressive language often emerges, the children continue to develop fine and grow their motor skills through repeated use of

developmentally appropriate toys.

Children progress to the Toddler classroom when they are approximately 18 months old. The Waddler curriculum remains in place but new tasks challenge the more mobile, cognizant, and mature toddler. Creative art occurs daily, and children participate in activities to build fine motor skills.



In the Preschool (Pre-K) classrooms, children receive an unparalleled preparation for Kindergarten:


  • Teachers continue the Addison-Wesley Active Learning Series program with Active Learning for Fours. 


  • Sheyes Learning Centers employs The Letter People Kindergarten, which provides a comprehensive language experience that develops reading, handwriting, auditory and oral-language skills. This Kindergarten curriculum appears in many advanced private elementary schools, making Sheyes Learning Centers graduates more prepared and advanced than most of their peers in Kindergarten.


  • Sheyes Learning Centers supplements these programs with the Addison-Wesley Mathematics Their Way program, which introduces math through unifix cubes, counters, pattern blocks, and other hands-on tools.


  • Integrated computer learning encourages digital literacy with monitored age-appropriate software.

Sheyes Learning Centers provides an annual cap and gown ceremony for our graduating preschoolers. This heartwarming event gives families wonderful memories of their time at Sheyes Learning Centers and celebrates the graduates’ achievements.

For five-year-olds, we offer a Transitional Kindergarten program. These children move into the Summer Camp classroom during the summer months and experience field trips. With no nap-time and increased behavioral responsibility, many parents find our Transitional Kindergarten program to be an excellent half-step for children beginning Kindergarten in the fall. 

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